May Updates

We are happy to announce the following features in the current release:

New Updates...

• Certifications Updates Released.
   You can now update your certifications available from the View Programs section. For instructions, go here.
• Copy Transfer dates expanded.
• Student Name search expanded.

Upcoming Releases...

• Enrollment Validation - tentative release -May 28th.
• CEPD Options - tentative release - May 28th.
CTEIS Support Team

4483 Reports Design

April 19, 2019
As we are in the process of migrating the old system into the new system, we have opportunities to update features and functions.  We are currently looking at the updating the spring enrollment report, "4483 Program/Course Data Verification and Enrollment Report" and it student list counter part.  These reports are made available when you complete your data entry, and after running your validations.  How are these reports being used and what information would you like to add or remove from these reports.
Examples of both reports have been provided. 
Please respond by Tuesday, April 23, 2019.
Any questions, let us know.

Please send your feedback to

CTEIS Support Team

Michigan State Board of Education Press Release

Contact:     Marilyn Schneider, State Board of Education Executive
Phone:       517-241-7161
State Board Narrows List of Candidates
For Next State Superintendent
April 5, 2019
LANSING – The State Board of Education today narrowed the list of applicants for the next State Superintendent to five candidates.
“It was a difficult decision to narrow it down to five because we had so many highly-qualified candidates. It was a really tough choice,” said State Board of Education President Casandra E. Ulbrich. “They have varying degrees of backgrounds. We’re going to have a really diverse group of people with very different backgrounds.”
After reviewing all 51 applicants with its hired executive search firm, Ray & Associates, the State Board agreed to bring in the following candidates on April 22 and 24 for public interviews.
• Jeanice Swift, Superintendent, Ann Arbor Public Schools
• Michael Rice, Superintendent, Kalamazoo Public Schools
• Randy Liepa, Superintendent, Wayne RESA
• G. Eric Thomas, Chief Turnaround Officer, Georgia Board of Education
• Brenda Cassellius, Immediate Past Minnesota Commissioner of Education
At the April 24 meeting, the State Board will select those who will become finalists. Those finalists will come in for a public interview on May 7, after which the State Board is expected to select Michigan’s next State Superintendent.
In addition to preliminary discussions with State Board members on what skills and attributes they’d like to see in the next State Superintendent, Ray & Associates conducted conversations with education stakeholders and top policymakers in Michigan, as well as background checks of the applicants.
“We wanted to make sure we had a lot of different perspectives,” Ulbrich said. “This has been a very open, transparent, and inclusive process.”
Today’s discussion was held in Closed Sessions to respect those applicants who requested confidentiality in the initial phase of the process. Applications came in from 11 states.
The State Board of Education is granted the responsibility to appoint a State Superintendent by the Michigan Constitution. The State Superintendent is the principal executive officer of the Michigan Department of Education and is chairperson of the State Board without the right to vote and shall be responsible for implementing its policies, and has all the powers and duties provided by law.
The State Superintendent is responsible for the day-to-day management, supervision, and leadership of the Michigan Department of Education. The Superintendent is responsible for developing cooperative working relationships with other government departments; the Governor’s office; the state legislature; and constituent groups, in service of SBE policy and the Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 strategic plan for improving education.
This top education position became open last spring upon the death of State Superintendent Brian Whiston. Chief Deputy Superintendent Sheila Alles was appointed Interim State Superintendent by the State Board at that time.

• State Board narrows list of State Supt applicants.pdf

Spring CTEIS Enrollment Training Opportunities

April 2, 2019


Spring Enrollment training is right around the corner, and we are pleased to offer three live training and workshop sessions this season. Training for the Spring Enrollment and Completion Collection will be hosted as follows:
     April 16 - Live workshop in East Lansing
     April 17 - Live workshop at Kent ISD
     April 18 - Webinar
     April 23 - Webinar
     April 25 - Live workshop at Wayne RESA
     April 30 - Webinar
You may register for any of these sessions using the following link:
See you at training!

Spring Enrollment eWorkshop

March 18, 2019


The Spring Enrollment eWorkshop will be live on Tuesday, March 19th from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM ET!
Kacie will be online during this time to work with you on any questions you might have.

Click this link to join the webinar:

Password: P7DT3ch%Dv
CTEIS Updates:
Added Sending Building and Sending District to Enrollment Export. Can now limit export to Fiscal Agency Districts.   Let us know what you think.  This is still in beta.
Update some issues with copy/transfer.

61b Reporting in CTEIS

March 13, 2019


Although all CTE EMC and CTE Dual Enrolled students eligible to generate 61b funding need to be enrolled in CTEIS by March 15, 2019 to generate 61b funding, the UICs for these students do NOT have to be validated by March 15th – in order to be qualify for Section 61b funds.  The UICs for all 61b-eligible EMC and Dual Enrolled students will be extracted from CTEIS and included in the calculation for Section 61b funds - regardless of validation status.  However, districts will need to ensure that these UICs are valid by the May 15th deadline -- the same as all UICs that are reported in CTEIS.

CTEIS Update March 4, 2019

We are announcing the March 4th Update.

Items updated are:


  • modifications to the Beta Enrollment Export based on feedback received. 
  • Fixed a bug in Dual Enrollment. 
    • Some courses may have been improperly assigned Dual Enrollment status.  The recent update will fix this.
    • Please use the EMC and Dual Enrollment Report and the Enrollment Export to review your Dual Enrollment courses to ensure proper assignments. 
  • Fixed an issue where missing Primary staff was causing course listing issues. 
  • Updated students with apostrophe's in their name.  You should now be able to search and import students with apostrophe's in their name.


Thanks for you patience and understanding as we improve the CTEIS System. 

CTEIS Update Friday March 1, 2019

We are announcing another update to the CTIES Application.

In this update, you can find:


  • Enrollment Export
    • You can find this export from the Reports/Building Exports menu
    • This export will take all building assigned to you and export all enrollments.  This will include courses, programs (including type: EMC/Reg and Dual Enrollment), students (including valid UIC and MSDS update info), enrollments and grades.
    • This is a Beta function so we are looking for feedback. 
    • Keep in mind that if you are responsible for many buildings, this export can become rather large.
    • This function should assist with
      • Class Lists
      • EMC reporting
      • UIC validation
      • MSDS Review
  • Bug Fixes
    • Imports and segments

CTEIS Update Wednesday February 27, 2019

We have updated the CTEIS Application to address issues and concerns.  Items to look forward to in the update are:


  • Imports:  We have made several updates to improve the update experience
  • Manage Courses and Enrollments
    • Resolved Adding and Displaying Staff issues
    • Decimals in Credits
    • Copy Transfer issues including a Select All button
    • Class List is now exportable
    • Class List Reports
    • Contracted Program List
  • NOCTE Exports
  • EMC Report


Things to look forward to in the next update (~Friday, March 1st, 2019)

  • Copy Transfer features - retain subsection and dates
  • importing names with apostrophes

CTEIS 2019 Updates Released

First Update to CTEIS 2019!
In this update we have fixed several bugs as well as
File Imports , Building Reports , ASE export
Continue to look for weekly updates. Next week we plan to release the remaining building reports along with NOCTI exports.
Thanks for your patience and understanding as we roll out this new version: v2019.0.2

We have also released the 2019 Follow-Up.

Upcoming Training Dates are:
Follow-Up: February 5, 13, 19, 27
Optimizing Spring Enrollment: March 19, 9 AM  - 12 PM, with a Spring Enrollment e-workshop to follow from 1PM  - 4 PM.

CTEIS Follow-Up, Imports, and Reports Update

February 4, 2019


We are finishing up the updates to the new imports and reports modules of the new CTEIS 2019.  We anticipate that we will have the building reports and imports released by Wednesday, Feb. 6.

As for the Follow Up, we will be releasing the Follow Up for 2019, Monday, Feb. 4. 
Thank you for you patience as we complete these upgrades. 


Missing Enrollments

January 18, 2019


Some of you have found that your are missing some enrollments in the new system.  We have found there was a small issue and some enrollments were not migrated into the new system. 


We have identified them and are in the processes of migrating them over.  The should be completed sometime Friday; Monday at the latest.  


Thank you for your patience.

CTEIS 2019 Release

January 17, 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of CTEIS 2019!

Please review the Welcome Letter that will update you on all the changes you can look forward to as well as the schedule for future updates.  In this document you will find brief instructions on how to conduct and complete your Follow Up and New Programs Applications.  CTEIS 2019 Initial Release.pdf .

Unfortunately, we had to delay the release of a few functions at the last minute due to some minor issues we noted.  These should be available by the end of the week.  These include file imports, building reports and Assessment exports.  

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Please review the instructional manuals for more details on the changes and how to take advantage of them.


Optimizing Spring Enrollment

Courses Import Specification

Student/Enrollment Import Specification

CPIs and Year End Reports

December 12, 2018


We are happy to report that the CPI reports along with the year end enrollment reports (X0503, Program Enrollment and Completion Report) have been released.


These can be found within CTEIS and also on