New User Information Section

Welcome, New Users! The New User Links provided below give an overview of all topics and submission processes for CTEIS Data collection. Please review the material and useful resource links for instructions on how to use CTEIS screens. 


2. CTEIS Data Collections Overview

The average Building Level Reporter will focus on completing three reports throughout the course of the year. Enrollments, Expenditures, and Follow-Up. Below is an overview of each collection period and tasks needed to collect your data.  








3. CTEIS Data Submission Process

Each District will be required to submit a report indicating all operating programs to OCTE for the upcoming school year. Please use the link below to view the documentation on submission processes for Building Reporters, Fiscal Agents, and CEPD Administrators. 


4. CTEIS Reports

CTEIS Reports is the official data compiled from entries into the CTEIS database. Please review the document below on public reports available for access at: