To access the Follow-Up Self-Survey website, type into any Internet browser address bar or click directly on the link.

This survey can be completed on your PC or tablet or most phones, iphones will require ios 8 or greater. 

To begin your survey, enter the provided pin number in the Survey PIN text box and click the Submit button. The Student Information page is displayed.

Image of Login Page Requesting Survey PIN Number

If the pin number, as entered, is incorrect then you will get a "Survey pin not found message". To solve this issue, check to see if you have entered the pin number correctly. If you are still getting an error then contact your District.


Image of Student Information Display and Edit Options


Check to see if your contact details are correct. If necessary, please update your contact details; specifically, the Alt Phone and Email information.

Make any required changes and click the Update Contact Information button to update your information. A "Details saved" message appears (under the Alt Phone text box), indicating that your information is updated.

In the FollowUp Programs section, you will see a list of programs that you have completed. Each program that you have completed has a corresponding Survey link.

Determine the program that you want to fill the survey for and click the corresponding Survey link. The appropriate Survey is displayed.


Image of Part A Current Status Questions


Image of Optional and Contact Questions


You are required to answer all 5 questions (1a to 1g) under the Part A: Current Status section. As you respond with "Yes" or "No" choices, more options will become available. Please provide as much information as you can.

You can also provide additional information in the Optional Questions and Communications Exchange sections.

When you are finished entering information, select the Submit button.