MILogin for CTEIS Registration Information

What Is MILogin?

MILogin is the State of Michigan's single sign on software that will allow  users access the Career and Technical Information System or CTEIS.


How To Use MILogin To Access CTEIS


To access CTEIS after the launch of MILogin, you will need:

•    Current CTEIS account credentials
•    Sign up for a MILogin for Third Party account
•    Request access to CTEIS (available Feb, 22, 2022)
•    For existing users, link your MEIS account to your MILogin account


MILogin for CTEIS Registration Guide

Step 1: Creating your MILogin for Third Party Account:

Using your personal information, you will fill out the form. At the end of the form you will be asked to answer a challenge question and agree to Terms and Conditions. The screen will ask you to set up your MILogin User ID and Password to complete your profile.

Please Note: At this point, you do not have access to any State of Michigan systems.



After you have completed your profile with your User ID and password, you will need to request access to CTEIS.


Step 2: Request CTEIS Access


To Request access to CTEIS, after entering your login credentials click the "Request Access" link and follow the screen prompts. You should receive confirmation that your request is being processed. 


For Existing Users, You will need to Link your MEIS and MILogin accounts.


Step 3: Linking your MEIS account to your MILogin for Third Party Account 


After you have selected the program list, the screen will prompt you to agree to Terms and Conditions. Verify your information is correct on the verification page and a successful submission will end with confirmation. You should receive a system generated email informing you of your access to the MEIS system.

To complete linking your MILogin account with your MEIS account, select the Michigan Education System Account link. You will be prompted to agree to Terms and Conditions. After, you will need to enter your MEIS account Login Name, current password and check the system Agreement checkbox.  Select the "Link Account" button. When you have successfully linked your accounts you will see the Welcome banner/page for your MEIS Account Link. 


Please Note: This process needs to be completed once for each unique MEIS number you use. You cannot connect multiple MEIS accounts to one MILogin.