In order to ensure that the Career and Technical Education Information System (CTEIS) meets the needs of districts submitting data for mandated state and federal Career and Technical Education reporting, the Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) will once again host CTEIS User Group conference calls. OCTE staff members and representative(s) from PTD Technology will be available during these calls to provide updates; answer questions; and respond to any issues, concerns, or problems that CTEIS Users may be experiencing. CTEIS User Group Representatives are encouraged to participate in these calls, and to share the information gleaned with the districts in their respective CEPDs.

Instructions for participation in the conference calls and an Agenda will be emailed to all CTEIS User Group Representatives a day or so in advance of the call.

If you are NO LONGER the CTEIS User Group Representative for your CEPD, please have your CEPD Administrator complete and submit the CTEIS User Group CEPD Representative Form to designate a new representative. (Each CEPD is allowed one representative.)