OCTE and CTEIS Updates

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Important Dates

Count Day Dates

Count Days for the 2021-2022 School Year:


Fall Count Date: October 6, 2021 (1st Wednesday in October)


Spring Count Date: February 9, 2022 (2nd Wednesday in February)

CTE and CTE EMC Program Application Window

February 15 to March 1


*Note: New Program Applications are now being handled by the Grant Electronic Management System (GEMS).

CEPD Options
Due to OCTE: June 9, 2022

Fall Teacher and Course Collection
Due to CEPD Administrator: October 8, 2021
Due to OCTE: October 15, 2021

4033 (2020-2021) Expenditure Report


Due to CEPD Administrator: November 4, 2021

Due to OCTE: November 11, 2021

Follow-Up Report
Due to CEPD Administrator: January 6, 2022
Due to OCTE: January 13, 2022

End of Year Completion Entry

EMC and Dual Enrollment Extraction

Work Based Learning
Due to CEPD Administrator: June 16, 2022
Due to OCTE: June 23, 2022
Note: Enrollment data from the 2021-22 4483 will be used to generate Section 61a1 funds for the 2022-23 school year.
*Final submissions to CEPDs/OCTE must include correct UICs


Preliminary Reporting

Due to CEPD Administrator: June 16, 2022
Due to OCTE: June 23, 2022

Final Reporting

Due to OCTE: August 31, 2022

CTEIS/MSDS Match Dates


CTEIS/MSDS matches will occur 1 to 2 times per week for the following months:

September 2021 through June 12, 2022


By May 13, 2022 ALL students must be enrolled in at least one CTEIS course-section with correct UICs, and MSDS fields must be up-to-date (via SRM or regular collection) to be counted for Section 61a1 funds.