CTEIS Year End Enrollment Completion

This module contains reference documents and tutorials on how to enter the end-of-the-year course and student data into CTEIS. Please use these reference documents for detailed information on data collection and verification.


1. Verify and Input Data

To submit end-of-the-year course data, you will need to verify and enter course section, subsection, and staff into CTEIS. Please use the reference document below on how to input course and staff information into CTEIS: 



To submit end-of-the-year student data, you will need to verify that student records, current enrollment data and grades are entered into CTEIS. Please use the reference documents on how to input student data into CTEIS:



To view Training Videos on above topics: 


For end-of-the-year reporting, you will need to indicate if courses are awarding Credentials, or if your courses will have Work Based Learning experiences.  Please use the reference documents below on how to input Credentials and Work Based Learning into CTEIS:



To view Training Videos on above topics:

2. Review Reports

To insure your data is correct before the end-of-the-year submission, you are encouraged to utilize audit, student, and program reports.  For instructions on how to view reports for course and student data verification, please use the link below:


3. Run the Validation and Submit your Data



When you have completed your data entry and verified entries, you must run validation for your assigned buildings. At this time, any errors must be corrected before you submit your final data. After error-free validation, you are ready to submit your report for Fiscal Agent review. Once you submit your report, you have completed the spring collection process. For instructions on how to submit your report please use the link below:



During your reporting process, you may encounter data issues when you run your validation. Errors must be corrected and warnings should be closely inspected to complete the validation process. Please use the guide below to troubleshoot error messages: