How Do I Log in to CTEIS?

Steps for Gaining Access to

 a. You must have a MILogin for Third Party account. If you do not have a MILogin account, you can create one on the internet at MILogin - Login ( Click on the link "Sign Up" and follow the instructions provided.

b. Your Fiscal Agency Authorized Official must activate your CTEIS account. If you are unable to log in to, please contact your Fiscal Agency Authorized Official and request access to CTEIS. Directions for Authorized Officials regarding delegation can be found on the CTEIS webpage by clicking the link titled "Fiscal Agent Delegation Instructions."

Log in to CTEIS

To access the CTEIS website, type into any Internet browser address bar. This will open the login page for CTEIS, where you click the link "Login using MILogin" you will be re-directed to MILogin for Third Party account homepage. Enter your MILogin account username and password. Follow the prompts on the screen and you will be re-directed to the CTEIS homepage.  Your Fiscal Agency Authorized Official will create your user account in CTEIS and set up the appropriate access rights.

Troubleshoot Your Login

  •  Make sure your MILogin works at the MILogin for Third Party website MILogin - Login ( If you cannot log in to the MILogin website, contact the Help Desk at (517) 335-0505.
  • If you mistype your password,  an error is displayed: X Invalid User ID or password. Check your username and  password for MILogin.
  • If the MEIS Server is down then you will get an error. If the MILogin server is down, then we cannot validate the MILogin account and thus, you cannot log in.
  • If your login works on the MILogin website and not the CTEIS website, contact your Fiscal Agency Authorized Official and make sure you have been granted proper access to CTEIS.
  • If you created a shortcut to the CTEIS website, and usually link to the CTEIS website by clicking on the shortcut and are not able to log in suddenly then:
    Try connecting directly to CTEIS by opening your browser window and typing in the address bar. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • If you are still unable to log in to CTEIS after following the above steps, please contact the CTEIS Help Desk at or (517) 333-9363, extension 128, or toll-free at (800) 203-0614, extension 128. 


A period of inactivity will require you to log in again to access CTEIS. This period of inactivity is typically fifteen minutes.