What is the Purpose of the May 12th CTEIS Enrollment Deadline?

The purpose of the May 12 CTEIS enrollment deadline is twofold:


  1. To align the MSDS and the CTEIS enrollment reporting, and to enable districts to maximize accuracy through the following data-checking processes:
  • UIC Record Check – compares all CTEIS UICs to the UIC Master, to ensure that each student in CTEIS has a valid UIC /first name/last name/gender/date of birth combination. 
  • MSDS Record Check – matches the student UICs in CTEIS to the UICs in MSDS, to ensure that each CTEIS student has a current MSDS record.  (Students that do NOT have a current MSDS record are NOT eligible for Section 61a1 funds, and are not retained in the CTEIS system.)  Student demographics (gender, ethnicity, special populations, exit status, etc.) that were reported in MSDS are then uploaded into CTEIS for all matching UICs.


2. To ensure that districts are proactively enrolling their students and that they are checking and resolving their data issues regarding student UICs and CTEIS/MSDS alignment.

    • We realize that the record-checking process takes time, as CEPI and CTEIS system feedback typically takes anywhere from two days to a week. We also realize that MSDS record correcting requires time and resources as it often involves complicated coordination with sending schools and districts. After May 12th, however, the workload of CTEIS managers and programmers increases in preparation for state and federal data reporting.  As a result, data matches may occur less frequently, and feedback takes even longer.  Therefore, districts that enroll students in CTE courses after May 12 are at higher risk of NOT completing their end-of-year reporting on time. Because the deadline for the end-of-year reporting is aligned with the end of the fiscal year; deadline extensions cannot be granted.  


  • CTEIS enrollment is captured as a snapshot shortly after the May 12th deadline and is compared to the final enrollment reported.  The resulting differences between the snapshot and the final enrollment reported, reveal cases where districts have not complied with the deadlines and may result in TRAC findings.